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Thoughts from the Founder

Considerations for Real Estate Investing Thumbnail

Considerations for Real Estate Investing

Real Estate investing is one of the more common investments people make, particularly people in the Military. Either out of necessity, or perhaps perceived value, people generally find themselves as home owners at one point or another. As one gains experience, there is a natural tendency to want to find additional real estate commitments. I will talk more about some considerations for your next real estate purchase.

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What Qualities to Look For in a Financial Planner Thumbnail

What Qualities to Look For in a Financial Planner

As financial complexities increase and the American calendar is ever-more stretched, the need for prudent financial advice has arguably never been greater. Unfortunately, the umbrella of "Financial Services" is exceptionally wide and perhaps opaque in the services offered. Here are some things to consider.

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Playing with FIRE Thumbnail

Playing with FIRE

On the face of it, the FIRE concept is pretty simple...save a bunch of money when you are young, accumulate enough so you don't have to work anymore, and then live out your years in "leisure". Turns out, there is a bit more to it than that.

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Managing Your Cash Flow Thumbnail

Managing Your Cash Flow

Spend Plans and their evil cousin - Budgets - are not the most favorite topic for either Financial Planners or their Clients. In most cases, however, both Financial Planner and Client have to give monthly spending a good look as Client Income is typically the rocket fuel for Net Worth growth.

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State of Personal Finance Thumbnail

State of Personal Finance

Each year, the Journal of Financial Planning publishes an article entitled "Personal Finance Year in Review". The article contains a bevy of interesting and useful information.

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