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Thoughts from the Founder

Please - I am Begging - Start Using a Password Manager Thumbnail

Please - I am Begging - Start Using a Password Manager

The Internet Age has been upon is for a while now and we are only going to grow more dependent on technology going forward. Whether we like it or not, credentialing is still a password-driven game. Therefore, it makes sense to fortify your defenses with strong, random passwords.

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Demystifying Your Amazon RSUs Thumbnail

Demystifying Your Amazon RSUs

It’s not uncommon for individuals to retire from the military and head over to Amazon for their first post-service civilian job. This can be a significant change in both the work environment AND compensation. As a financial advisor, navigating the work environment is outside my sphere of expertise. Compensation, however, is right in my wheelhouse.

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April 2021 Client Letter Thumbnail

April 2021 Client Letter

It seems the Capital Markets never cease to find new ways to generate drama. The current, though somewhat fading, flavor is Short Selling. Also, cryptocurrencies and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are all the rage.

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Should You Consider A Roth Conversion? Thumbnail

Should You Consider A Roth Conversion?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) exist primarily in two forms: Traditional and Roth. Anything under the Traditional umbrella is income tax-deferred, meaning the funds are not taxed upon receipt, are permitted to grow tax-deferred, and are then ultimately taxed upon receipt. Funds under the Roth umbrella work differently: you pay the taxes upon receipt of the funds and then the funds enjoy tax-free status for “forever.”

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How I Invest and Manage My Money Thumbnail

How I Invest and Manage My Money

Several Clients have asked about my personal finances. Since I am in the business for prescribing for others' finances, perhaps a word or two on my own is appropriate. So here it is…

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