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Sample Financial Plan Components

INTAKE DATA FORM.  At Resilient Asset Management, we have an on-line, streamlined, and secure onboarding process.  We have optimized the list of requested data into a point-and-click intuitive form for our client's ease of use.

LIFE INSURANCE NEEDS ASSESSMENT.   At Resilient Asset Management, we have a proprietary method to arrive at a recommendation for our Clients' Life Insurance Needs.  We don't sell Life Insurance, though we have an active network of Life Insurance Agents with whom we can refer you for your life insurance needs.


CASH FLOW ANALYSIS.  At Resilient Asset Management, we work with our Clients to identify where their money is going on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.  We strive to arrive at two key numbers:  1) A targeted savings amount & 2) A discretionary spending amount.

PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT.  At Resilient Asset Management, we meticulously track our Clients' Net Worth via a Personal Financial Statement.  With this tool, we can track ALL a Client's Assets, not just investments, and provide fingertip access to this overarching perspective of their current financial situation.

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