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Who We Serve &

What We Do

Who We Serve

Current Military Service Members 

As a Senior Member in the military, you have options to plan for your financial future. But are you using those options to your greatest advantage? I’ve been in your shoes, so I know how overwhelmed you may feel about balancing your busy life in the military while considering the right financial decisions you should be making for your future. 

To help you make decisions today in pursuit of a more secure and enjoyable future, we employ an Enduring Relationship model. We start by organizing the various components of your financial life. And then we work with you to map out a plan for your long-term future, balancing your short-term financial needs and goals with your long-term plans. We work with you throughout the process to implement the strategies I recommend.

You no longer need to worry about how you’re going to figure out your financial life today. The team at Resilient Asset Management is your trusted partner. We’ve been where you are, and we’re ready to take the stress of managing finances off your plate.

Military Pre-Retirees

You’re approaching retirement, which means it’s time to kick your retirement planning and strategies into high gear. As a former Service Member myself, I’m uniquely positioned to assist you with your pre-retirement paperwork as you transition from active duty.

Additionally, I can advise you on relevant military benefits you may be entitled to, such as your Veterans Administration (VA) Disability Claim, the Survivor Benefit Plan, or your options for Tricare in retirement. As we help you prepare, we develop a trusting and ongoing relationship. Our greatest motivation at Resilient Asset Management is to see you succeed, so in addition to helping you plan for your future, we also review and update your plans throughout your life as needed.

Military Retirees

Whether you’re planning to enjoy a leisurely retirement or begin your second career, the team at Resilient Asset Management is here to help you achieve that vision. As a former Service Member who launched a second career with no income and no clients, I understand how overwhelming it can feel to essentially “start over” after a successful career with the military.

I also understand how emotionally taxing the transition from military life to a life of leisure can be for new retirees. The last thing you want to worry about is your finances, although in reality, finances may be your top concern. We work together to get your financial life in order and create a plan for a future that you can feel confident about.

Whatever your plans, we work together to optimize your current assets, create a road map for your financial future, and discuss the decisions you should be making today to aim for a better tomorrow. The plan we develop will include specific, actionable recommendations so you know what to do (and what not to do!) to pursue your dreams of financial independence.


What We Do

Resilient Asset Management is a fee-only financial planning firm.  We provide customized all-aspect financial advice with a comprehensive approach centered on Estate Planning, Tax, Risk Management, Cash Flow, and Investments.