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Thoughts from the Founder

Fair Winds and Following Seas 41 Thumbnail

Fair Winds and Following Seas 41

My nation has mourned the passing of our 41st President for the past several days. My United States has lost a real titan of the 20th Century, who was also a true gentleman.

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Those Pesky Robocalls... Thumbnail

Those Pesky Robocalls...

Automated calls - i.e. Calls from Robots - are estimated to make up nearly half of every phone call in my United States (Source: First Orion, a phone security company). Back in the day of land lines, not such an issue. Today, with mobile phones dominating the landscape, this is a much bigger concern. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple things you can do to avoid the calls.

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A Financial Planner is like a Personal Trainer Thumbnail

A Financial Planner is like a Personal Trainer

If you have ever been to the gym and seen a personal trainer, the interaction with Clients appears rather perfunctory. Frequently, outward appearances denote simply counting on one machine or exercise followed by other activities in the circuit. For successful "Client/Trainer" relationships, there is much more at play. The parallels are many between personal trainers and financial planners.

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So You’re Retired and Want to be a Contractor Thumbnail

So You’re Retired and Want to be a Contractor

By any objective standard, Military Retirement is an extreme transition. Among the many issues the prospective Retiree considers is the professional next step – i.e. “2.0 Plan”. For many reasons, contracting is a bright, shiny object. Embarking on this path is far from trivial.

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